Best Color Grabber
Best color grabber is a versatile tool that allows you to find color values
(RGB, aRGB, HEX, HSV, HSB, CMYK and YCbCr) from anywhere on your desktop.

Best WiFi Channel
Will analyse your WiFi environment and
suggest the best channel for your network.

Desktop Icon Manager
An easy way to maitain your Desktop Icon Layout
Especially on the move where you use different screens and sizes.

Self help program for Telenor customers in Norway

Self help program for Telenor customers in Sweden

DNA Netti
Mobile Broadband software for DNA customers in Finland

Other great Emotum products also coming in 2019

Fix My Connection
Trobleshoot your internet connection and fix connection problems.
Ideal for any Australian NBN service.

Fix My WiFi
Will offer an easy way to solve your WiFi problems

Light and Dark Image Viewer
A tool that allows graphic artists to see Images in both Light and Dark Windows 10 modes while not needing to build an App.


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